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Welcome to Summer at Leonardo's Basement!
We offer more than 90 week long summer classes for kids and teens in areas of engineering, art and technology. Students love the variety, we do too!
Many classes are full, some have space available! 
Classes with Space available next week (July 28-August 1 MPLS):  The Best Breads, Make Charms, Jewelry and Game pieces, Interior Design

Tips for finding classes:
-Search for classes by week and location, using the column to the left.
-Search by age using the 'advanced search and planning tool' link above, right
-Key words can be entered in the search bar above, right

*****Please see the FAQ link on this page, above, for additional information regarding: Registration, Safety Policy, Scholarships, Cancellation policy and Workshop locations******

Join us for Castle week!  
Please consider joining the fun.  We are looking for actors, dancers, musicians, athletes, jugglers, designers and builders to help during the week (August 6-8) and the day of the festival (Saturday, August 9)
Email: with questions and for more information

Welcome to Castle Week!

Sixteen years of castles..

Leonardo’s Basement has been building castles almost since the Middle Ages. The first one was built from milk crates and eventually lumber and cardboard became the building materials of choice. Giant castles are great because many students can work on them, you can hide and do battle and they encourage physical work and play. During Castle Week students will not only build an amazing structure but they will make armor, costumes, food, decorations, a battering ram and catapults!

Best of all, after all the building we will have a celebration – Castle Fest – on Saturday, August 9 with food, music, games and performances. Mark your calendar! 


Steve Jevning

Executive Director